Video Marketing Services

Google CRAVES quality content...PERIOD! Our marketing videos not only feed Google's craving for content, they also get ranked Page 1, Slot 1 on Google for local consumer searches!

Video Marketing Services That GUARANTEE Results

With our video marketing service, we create short review videos about your business using targeted keyword strategies (search terms).  Then we publish those videos on YouTube for you.  Since Google owns YouTube, Google rewards these videos with top search results rankings for the keywords tied to the videos.

It’s a fact…people engage with video up to 15 times more than any other medium. You must have a strong video presence online if you plan to keep up with, or beat, your competitors.  With our strategies, you can take over the entire first page of Google search results for keyword phrases we specifically target for your business, with simple videos we create and rank for you!

How Our Marketing Videos Work

We will create 48 unique review video for your business, publishing them on YouTube in sets of 16, 3 separate times every month.  So you will get 48 videos ranked each month, for the same price as 1 or 2 ranked videos from the other guys.  The main purpose of this service is to show Google that you are producing a constant flow of content that links back to your business.  Ultimately, that will increase your ranking “juice”, and also your chances to show up in the prized Google 3-Pack. Showing up at the top of the searches will increase your sales (or client acquisition)!  On average, video services by agencies start at $500 per minute, and only go up from there.  For a fraction of that price, we can produce videos based on reviews of your products or services, expert interviews, and specialized videos that show your services and products in a fine light.  That brings lots of attention to your brand, and also gets you ranked at the top of the searches in Google AND Youtube.

Here Is An Example

So, let’s say you’re a Chiropractor in Monroeville, and a man named Robert lives or works in Monroeville.  One day, while playing in the backyard with his children, Robert throws his back out!  The next morning he can barely walk!  So he gets on his laptop or his smart phone (either at home or at work), goes to Google, and does a simple search…”chiropractor”, or “chiropractor Monroeville”, or “chiropractor near me”.  At this point, Robert isn’t just browsing to see all of the Chiropractors in Monroeville, he is actually looking for a trustworthy doctor, that he can find quickly, who can help him fix his back.  Our marketing videos will place your practice at the top of virtually ANY local search, getting you noticed before anyone else in the area.  This is one of the trust factors Robert is looking for, and since he sees you first, he is more willing to come to you for help!

Video Marketing Q&A

Q: How Important is Video Marketing?

A: It is very important if you want to get into the Google-3 Pack for your Business. Also, when people search for businesses in your niche, they will see a plethora of content about your business.  That will likely influence them to look into what your business is all about. But remember…the main purpose of this service is to show Google that you are producing a constant flow of content, and that the content links back to your business.  You also get the bonus of receiving more publicity about your brand.

Q: How Effective is Video Marketing?

A: With the amount of content we put out for your brand, and the results we deliver (because it’s not just some sloppy TV ad that gets you no business at all), you will DOMINATE the search results with videos about your business that link back to your business.  That in turn gets you publicity, and shows Google your constant flow of content, making it more likely that they will put you in the Golden Seat, the place where every local business wants to be…The Google 3-Pack.

Here’s the bottom line…

With us, you get 48 videos every month for a little more (about $50) than what other digital marketing agencies charge for just 1 of these very same videos!  That means you get about 47x more ranking power every month, not just for your Google My Business listing, but also for your website, and your business!!!  

We hope you can see that this very powerful service is also an incredible value!  This is another perfect example of how we’re disrupting the pricing model in the Digital Marketing industry for local businesses!