Google Maps 3-Pack Marketing

It’s All About The 3-Pack

Every brick & mortar business has a local presence in their community.  But that doesn’t mean you’re limited to the consumers just in that locale!  When we do a search on Google that has “local intent”, Google wants to reward 3 local businesses in your niche that can potentially fulfill that consumer’s need, with the ultimate visibility…a top spot in the highly sought after Google Maps 3-Pack.

5 out of the top 7 things Google considers when ranking businesses in the 3-Pack all relate to your GMB page setup.

First, let’s get a better understanding as to what exactly searches with “local intent” are.

The phrase ‘Local Intent’ refers to any query in which Google assumes the user is looking for a local result.  So someone who lives in Pittsburgh, searching for Restaurants in New Orleans (or any city, town, location, etc.), is executing a query with Local Intent.  Likewise, that same person in Pittsburgh searching simply for “restaurants”, or “restaurants near me” is still conducting a search with Local Intent.

The reason the last two queries have Local Intent in Google’s eyes is because the Google search engine uses geolocation, or geo targeting for every search.  And it doesn’t matter if you’re searching on your mobile phone driving down the highway, or on your laptop, tablet, or PC in your living room.  Google’s geolocation capabilities know where you are when you conduct a search.  Google is actually catering to local businesses!

Do You Have What It Takes To Get To The Top

If you are in a relatively low to medium search area for local business, your business may have enough “signals” to get to the top of Google in local searches, which includes the Maps 3-Pack as well as organic search results.

If you have already taken the following steps:

      • set up your Google My Business Page correctly
      • corrected all of your directory citations
      • started the video propagation process
      • published 3 national newsletters

This may be enough to get your business listing into the Maps 3-Pack, and you won’t need the magic sauce.

We Have The Solution

If you have done all those things, but are in a highly competitive arena, then you need more social signals for authority and credibility.  We can provide that with “link juice”. These are basic Google SEO techniques that are “approved” actions and that are in full compliance with Google’s terms of service (the “white hat” method).  In the SEO world, there are many “gray hat” (more on the “iffy” side) and “black hat” (definitely illegal) techniques that will get your website banned by Google, or added to a demoted list of websites.  This means your business listing will not show up in searches.  We do not take that kind of approach!  Furthermore, steps have to be taken to safeguard your rankings from injected malicious software.

It’s a jungle out there!  But if you want to rank at the top of the local search results (both the Maps 3-Pack and organic), then you have to take the correct steps to get there.


How is This Service Going To Be Delivered?

Our Google Maps 3-Pack Marketing service is a minimum three month process (we recommend 4-6 months).  During that time we will be creating what we call a “link and content” strategy to allow your site to rise to the top. 

This “link and content” strategy is a combination of 3 of our most popular services…

  1. Our monthly Video Marketing Service
  2. Our Video News Release service (one each month)
  3. Our Advanced GMB Listing Setup service

Also, we will be checking your website’s on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and making any corrections as they are needed.  Additionally, we will ensure that your website is properly linking internally and externally as well.